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Male Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus in the wild. The male pheasant hides in the grass

Upland adventure and limitless memories await...

There is nothing more special than the unique balance of peacefulness and excitement found behind a quality bird dog.  All stress seems to dissipate as you unload your attentive partner from his crate and place the shotgun over your shoulder.  It may be a cold, crisp morning with seemingly every surface glistening with frost and a soft crunch below your boots.  Perhaps it is among the pines where you are met with a light breeze and the golden grasses lazily dancing to and fro in cadence; a hushed version of nature's metronome.  Your dog moves quickly, excitedly, with fluid yet animated motion combing cover and feed strip or perhaps casting widely to a field edge.  He's on a mission.  He knows why he's in that field, he's hardwired to do this job at a deeply instinctual level.  You are part of this, you are on his team, and he yours.  Up ahead you see him standing staunchly - head and tail held high.  As you near you can feel the excitement and see the intensity in your dog.  Every fibrous muscle seems to vibrate in anticipation, his tail quivers every so slightly.  Your heartbeat quickens as you approach him and begin the flushing attempt with him at attention.  All the sudden, from the ground explodes a rooster cackling as he burst into flight.  A shot is fired, time moves so quickly yet so slowly as you notice intricate feathers dancing through the air falling gracefully to the ground.  You snap back to attention and see your dog is in pursuit making quick work of locating the bird and hastily, but ever so carefully, returning the bird to you.  As he approaches you can see his sense of pride and accomplishment on a job well done.  He releases the bird into your hard and you take a moment to admire the impossibly iridescent feathers and the elegantly long tail.  You thank this bird for his life, this hunt, and these memories that will last lifetime.  That evening your dog quietly curls up with you on your favorite chair and gazes into your eyes. At this moment you realize he's not just a dog.  It's not just a hunt. 



Our started puppies begin as a planned premium litter following our cornerstone values of proven ability, temperament, health, conformation and pedigree.  The pups we retain are selected for their exceptional representation of our breeding program values.  If you would prefer, we also do allow for you to select your own litter and pup then chose to keep the pup with us to enter into our custom started dog program 


Puppies are maintained on a premium diet and receive comprehensive preventative healthcare.  The puppies are extremely well socialized and spend their first few months growing up and becoming accustomed to various aspects of life in the home and field.  They can be expected to go on walks with us on foot, horseback, or with an RTV just to softly train handling.   No corners are cut to get your puppy off on the right foot.  


Pups are typically entered into a formal training program under a full-time professional trainer at about 5-6 months of age.  We team with a trainer that we feel would be most suitable to the pup's temperament. Typically our started dogs are very well started on basic commands, retrieving to hand, and are green steady.  Occasionally we have more seasoned dogs available.   

Gallery of Sold Started Dog 

Ready to jump right into that upland adventure? If you are interested in a started or finished dog, please complete the below questionnaire.  The information that you are able to provide helps us to build a picture of your expectations.  This is the first step to our helping make your dream dog become a reality. 

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