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What is the price of a puppy?

Puppies typically range in price from $1500 - $2500 depending on the exact breeding.  It is a considerable investment but you can be assured you are purchasing a premium quality puppy who's price is based on the investment made into the parents and litter.  No shortcuts are made in the management of our dogs and litters.  See the below question about what makes our breeding program different.  Many of the practices add considerable expenses to our program, however, we make an effort to keep our puppy prices reasonable while still delivering "more for your money".  The price of the puppy includes full AKC registration and a puppy kit.  Puppies will receive age appropriate vaccinations (including FFP at 24 hours), deworming, and microchip.  Puppies will also receive a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian before going home as well. 

I only want a companion why does competition matter to me?

If your desire is a hunting dog or even "just" a companion you may ask why the fancy pedigree and purchasing a pup from proven parents matters.  The answer is it offers you insight into health, temperament, and adherence to breed standard which all exist for a reason no matter the capacity you plan for your pup.  Dogs who compete see the physical rigors that can expose health concerns that may not be evident in a non-working dog.  Also, dogs that are working at the competitive level have heightened demand for intellectual and temperamental soundness.  They have to be intelligent, sound-minded, and biddable to compete and these traits also carry over to companion homes!  Competitive and working dogs are exposed to increased stimuli in various situations and levels of stress - this is a combination that can best expose the true temperamental condition of a dog.   These dogs must be able to perform in high stress environments without showing emotions such as aggression or anxiety.  Both traits we wouldn't want to see in a companion if exposed to a stressful situation!  

What makes your breeding program different?

Our program begins with the selection of the finest dogs available in terms of our cornerstone values of health, proven ability, temperament, conformation, and pedigree.  Aside breeding candidate selection, our dogs are not "career" breeders but rather fully trained and proven companions and competition dogs that occasionally have litters.  We thoughtfully maintain our dogs and no expenses are spared from health to training and everything in between.  Premium nutrition, healthcare and socialization is offered to all dogs (and puppies!) and we strive to constantly learn and improve our program.  We carefully research best practices and upcoming technologies to ensure we provide the best and most cutting edge management to our dogs.  Some examples are providing FFP (fresh frozen plasma) to our neonatal puppies, including programs such as called Puppy Culture and Avidog into our practices, to just our puppy kits to go home! Samantha is a Certified Avidog Associate. You can rest assured that each detail is thoughtfully considered and no short cuts are made to ensure we deliver a talented, healthy, well adjusted pup.  We complete an average of 20 CE credits per year though educational opportunities such as those though University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, AKC Canine college, The Institute of Canine Biology, and various other credible institutions.  

I am interested in a puppy, now what?

If you would be interested in a puppy we ask that you fill out the questionnaire on this website.   These questionnaires help us to understand a bit about you so we can help to guide you along the way.  We often refer back to your questionnaire to keep focus on your goals for your puppy to help guide you to the most appropriate options.  Upon completing the questionnaire we will contact you back with availability or our suggestions.  Once determining the best plan and your acceptance we ask for a deposit to hold your waitlist position.  The deposit does apply to the purchase price and the remainder is due at the time of pickup/shipment.  

What can I expect once I reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter?

We make every effort to provide weekly updates up puppies via email.  We love sharing our knowledge and offering you insight into what it is like to raise a litter of puppies.  We discuss things like developmental stages and what is done with the puppies each week.  As the puppies grow, temperaments and personalities begin to develop as well so we share insight into our observations.  This helps you to be well informed and best able to help in making your final selection for your puppy.  We, of course, also provide a link to a folder with plenty of photos and video clips.  Visitors are welcomed upon appointment when the puppies are 6 week of age and older or you can visit to meet the parents prior to whelping.  This is done as a precaution to prevent introduction of infectious disease, pathogens, or parasites when the puppies are most vulnerable.  

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