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Ready to jump right into that upland adventure? If you are interested in a started or finished dog, please complete the below questionnaire.  The information that you are able to provide helps us to build a picture of your expectations.  This is the first step to our helping make your dream dog become a reality. 


What is the price of a started dog?

Started dog prices typically range from $3,500 - $4,800 where more finished dogs will be in the $5,000-$6,500 range.  Occasionally, we will have dogs that fall below these ranges but not too often due to the recent pricing increases. There is a fairly significant variance due to option selected and also as a "finished started dog" each dog is evaluated individually and priced accordingly.  Experience, pedigree, level of training, and overall quality are taken into consideration when evaluating the dog.  Training costs are included on the base price as a cost only structure. 

Pricing Tiers:

A: $2800 - $3400
B: $3500 - $4100
C: $4200 - $4800
D: $5000 - $5600
E: $5700 - $6300
F: $6400 +

What level of training  can I expect from a started dog?

It seems like everyone has a different definition of a started dog.  We expect that our started dogs to be something you can take out hunting.  They are e-collar conditioned and are responsive to voice commands. Started dogs will be introduced to the stake out, crate broken, and acclimated to traveling.  These pups will have basic obedience, basic handling and field work, be well socialized to other dogs and exposure to simulated field hunting situations, and gun fire.   Our started dogs are steady to flush although may be a little green and show some movement occasionally on running birds.  The dogs are expected to be retrieving to hand or within a few steps.  Our goal is a stylish and easy handling hunting dog that is enthusiastic, talented, and can be enjoyed in the field.  We consider them started as, in most cases, they do not have the experience they gain from seasons of hunting under their belt yet.  These dogs have the foundation but need you to go hunt them to reinforce their training and gain real-life experience from the best teachers around...the birds! To many, our started dogs are "finished dogs", however, we believe finished dogs can only be created by seasons of bird hunting and repetition to polish their performances. 

How do I know the dog is right for me?

We offer to demo all dogs on our farm.  We have a very transparent approach in representing our dogs as it does no favor to you, the dog, or us if we don't make an appropriate match or misrepresent the dog.  At the time we demo we will also review commands and, of course, answer any questions.  Here at RFF we also offer a trial period for you to take the dog for 30 days to ensure it is the dog you are looking for.  If you have reserved a pup for the custom started dog program and at the end of the program the dog is not the perfect fit for you we will refund any monies and place the puppy in a more suitable hunting home.   Our started dogs are as risk free as any option we have found!   Please just ask if you would like more details on how the trial works.  After you get home we are always available for questions and ongoing support as well!

What is the benefit of purchasing a started dog?

Purchasing a started dog can have many benefits depending on personal preference and priorities for your new dog.  A started dog allows you to purchase a dog at the stage when you have a very good indication of what type of bird dog it is thus removing some of the risk or unknown factors in purchasing a young, untrained, pup.  It also allows us to take control of the foundation with a program that is proven to work.  If you have limited time to invest in initial training or are unsure of where to begin it is an easy way to be guaranteed a bird dog you can hunt and enjoy.  The started program is very limited so dogs receive daily training and plenty of birds. The program is best suited to hunting homes although pups can also be enrolled in just an obedience program.  

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