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First and foremost, Royal Flush Stud Dogs must meet our stringent criteria to ensure they meet our cornerstone values regarding temperament, proven ability, health, pedigree, and conformation.  Dogs are required to be sound mentally and physically to achieve the highest level of performance and longevity.  In order to remain a breeding male, the studs must prove to produce puppies that consistently meet our cornerstone values as well. 

DSC_0161 (2) (1).JPG

fc afc Walker's prairie bandit

Ringo is a handsome male with an unbeatable temperament.  He is a low energy dog in the home but a powerful and driven dog in the field.  Ringo has a fast, forward, and powerful ground game with a true all age dog range.  He is naturally very steady with attractive style on point.  He has proven to pass his biddable temperament, steadiness on point, and natural retrieve to his pups.  Very limited frozen semen available.

AKC DNA# V871056


FC Ramblin' Gamblin' WIllie JH

Willie is a stunning male with the perfect blend of hunt and home.  He is a medium energy dog in the home and a hard hunting dog in the field.  Willie has a quick, snappy, and efficient ground game with a strong gun dog range.  He has a fantastic nose, and stately and stylish point.  He is an incredible hunting dog that we decided, on a whim, to break him steady to wing and shot and try to trial him. Willie had been one of the best natural retrievers we had owned.  We thought it would be a hard task having retrieved so many birds, however, he broke easily while retaining his style and enthusiasm.   Frozen semen is available.

AKC DNA# V889102


FC Royal Flush Sir Oliver Twist

Ollie is a powerful male with an outstanding temperament.  He is a very promising young field trial dog.  We bred him and he's a son of our beloved Ringo.  We sold Ollie as a started dog and thanks to his owners, they gave him a great opportunity to become a competition dog.  Thankfully, our friends John and Morgan allowed us the opportunity to purchase Ollie back in spring 2023 to continue his field trial career.  He's a big running, forward casting, high drive dog who has been very competitive all age dog and continues to get better and better.  Prior to his field trial career he was trained as a hunting dog and had a very nice retrieve as well.  He has a wonderful personality and is a great house dog as well! 

DSC_1783 (1).JPG

Deal Maker

Carson is a gorgeous male with an outstanding companion temperament.  Much like his father Willie he is the perfect balance of hunting and home.  He's a lower energy male in the house but shows keen desire, speed, and bird finding ability in a nice gun dog range.  He has an outstanding nose and has been a naturally extremely steady dog on his birds.  He shows us the biddable temperament and intelligence combined with natural talent to spare.  He has an outstanding temperament and is a very lovable dog in a calmer package.  He's providing to produce intelligent, versatile and ultra talented puppies with an immense amount of natural ability. 


CH TJ's Tequila on Ice

Vice is a handsome male with a substantial build.  He has finished his show championship title (CH) and will be pursing field titles in 2022. He's a classy, stylish dog who handles birds beautifully and is biddable working though the breaking process.  He loves his birds and also has a very nice natural retrieve.  Vice has a nice gun dog range.  In addition, he's a happy, entertaining, and pleasant dog in the home who quickly makes friends and enjoys being the center of attention. 


What are the requirements for a bitch to breed?

We require OFA or PennHip certification on your bitch as well as a negative brucellosis test.   The bitch must also be up to date on vaccinations.  We require  a health certificate issued  within 10 days as well as a copy of her current rabies certificate if she will be boarded at our facility for breeding.  

What are your charges for breeding services?

Please contact us for the individual stud dog's fee.  We do not charge for boarding your bitch with us to be bred.  Any required or request services (ex. progesterone testing) are charged additionally from the Veterinary clinic.  

Royal Flush Farms LLC

Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

(814) 312-7772

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